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3 Biz Tools You Need!

If you know me, you know I’m about simplicity. Which is why I really enjoy these 3 time saving biz tools..

  1. – Accounting simplified. Ya, it’s a little expensive. However, if you’re a startup you need to give this a look.
  2. Zenefits – Free external HR management that does everything from insurance benefits to contract management and integrates nicely with payroll.
  3. Gusto – Payroll simplified. It’s 5x more affordable and 20x easier than anything else out there.

I know these have really helped simplify my life. What are some “must have” biz tools that you use?

  • I also love ProductHunt and they put together a great collection of startup tools that I think you’ll find lots of value in:

    Any startup tools that you use that we should know about? Share them here!

  • How fast things change! Now I only use Gusto, fka ZenPayroll to manage both payroll/benefits. I still recommend both Zenefits and Bench, they’re phenomenal services. It’s important that you find what’s right for you.