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12 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a Dog…

Dogs and Humans have been friends for thousands of years. Evolving alongside almost every great leader of modern history. The responsibility of a good dog is essential to any entrepreneur and here’s why..

  1. Dogs help you make critical decisions fast. Clean the poop, or answer the phone?!?
  2. They keep you on your toes. Your mind will always stay sharp with a canine around.
  3. Pack Mentality – There is much to learn about leadership from studying the pack mentality of dogs in particular.
  4. They listen to all your problems without complaining.
  5. Dogs in the office are proven to reduced work-related stress.
  6. Fact: Customers love dogs
  7. Dominance is not leadership.
  8. Treats ($$) are a good incentive
  9. Sometimes you need to just laugh. Dogs make that happen daily.
  10. Need an excuse to take a walk and clear your mind? Woof.
  11. Greeting Ceremonies – Dogs are happy to see you no matter what. Worst day ever? Lick, Lick, Lick, it’s all better.
  12. Dogs are always there when you need them the most. Always.

As an entrepreneur with a dog, do you feel this is accurate? Verify what I’m thinking with a comment 🙂

PS) Humans’ and Dogs’ brains have evolved to understand each others’ vocalizations to some degree, including dogs understanding human laughter. (VIA Reddit:todayilearned)