Does iPhone 6 Plus Fit in your Pocket?

I answer the Top 5 Questions about iPhone 6 Plus…

  1. Does the iPhone 6 Plus Bend?
    No, In 2 months of using the iPhone 6 Plus it has not bent nor has it given any indication it will bend.
  2. Does the iPhone 6 Plus Fit in Your Pocket?
    Yes, I personally have no problems putting the phone in my pocket. I would not recommend this phone for your back pocket and ladies might have some issues due to smaller pockets.
  3. Does the iPhone 6 Really Bend?
    No, especially if you have a case on it.
  4. Does iPhone 6 Plus have Siri?
    Yes, and she’s as mediocre as ever.
  5. Does the iPhone 6 Plus need a case?
    Yes, I would highly recommend getting a case. Without one, the iPhone 6+ is too slippery. I’d recommend a slip fit case with some good grip & a screen protector. I personally use a matte screen protector to prevent fingerprints and glare. However, matte leaves you with a dimmer screen that you might not like.

Overall, I’m really enjoying the iPhone 6 Plus. It might be a little bit too big, but I could never switch back to a smaller phone after having this one. The battery life and screen are amazing.

Have a question about the iPhone 6 Plus? Post it in the comments, I’d love to answer it for you!

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