Setting up a hosting provider

Web Hosting Servers offer intuitive control panel. For example, if your web hosting is based on the Love2D or Apcera hosting solutions, you can access your control panel via the dedicated web interface provided by your hosting provider, since there are different options in the market, and choosing the best wordpress hosting is important for …

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Is FatWallet Legit?

Self starting entrepreneurs are all about saving money and shopping online, while using the best discounts on coupon websites. One of the easiest ways to save money shopping online is FatWallet. I’ve saved over $500 this year alone from using FatWallet on my online shopping purchases. FatWallet is a two-pronged service that provides: Coupons for …

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21 Things Gardeners & Entrepreneurs Have in Common

Gardeners and Entrepreneurs have a lot in common. I first observed this in a tweet back in November… I understand why many entrepreneurs are also gardeners. There is immense satisfaction in seeing something flourish. #entrepreneur #gardening — Erik Groset (@ErikGroset) November 7, 2014 Now more than ever I feel the two are very similar and …

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Top 5 Characteristics and Qualities of Entrepreneurship

Are you born an Entrepreneur or do you become one? That question is a lovely way to stir some quality debate at your next dinner party. The truth is entrepreneurs are both born and made. Guaranteed, if you watch Sam Altman’s How to Start a Start-Up Stanford classes you’re going to become a better entrepreneur. However, if you’ve …

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Is Ibotta Worth it?

We all have that one friend who paid $12 for a cart full of groceries. They’re affectionately known as “extreme couponers.” Do you ever wonder how extreme couponers do it? Listen up, because this app is one of their well kept secrets… Ibotta is an app for iOS or Android that lets you save even more …

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Does iPhone 6 Plus Fit in your Pocket?

I answer the Top 5 Questions about iPhone 6 Plus…

  1. Does the iPhone 6 Plus Bend?
    No, In 2 months of using the iPhone 6 Plus it has not bent nor has it given any indication it will bend.
  2. Does the iPhone 6 Plus Fit in Your Pocket?
    Yes, I personally have no problems putting the phone in my pocket. I would not recommend this phone for your back pocket and ladies might have some issues due to smaller pockets.
  3. Does the iPhone 6 Really Bend?
    No, especially if you have a case on it.
  4. Does iPhone 6 Plus have Siri?
    Yes, and she’s as mediocre as ever.
  5. Does the iPhone 6 Plus need a case?
    Yes, I would highly recommend getting a case. Without one, the iPhone 6+ is too slippery. I’d recommend a slip fit case with some good grip & a screen protector. I personally use a matte screen protector to prevent fingerprints and glare. However, matte leaves you with a dimmer screen that you might not like.

Overall, I’m really enjoying the iPhone 6 Plus. It might be a little bit too big, but I could never switch back to a smaller phone after having this one. The battery life and screen are amazing.

Have a question about the iPhone 6 Plus? Post it in the comments, I’d love to answer it for you!

Famous Entrepreneurs and Their Humble Beginnings

Everyone has to start somewhere, and thanks to the magic of the internet we can trace back some famous entrepreneurs and their humble beginnings. If you’re like me, you could use some inspiration to help you keep moving forward. These are some of the Internet’s greatest stories… (Brian Acton and Jan Koum – former Yahoo employees) …

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My Ooma Review

Is Ooma Good? Spoiler Alert: Yes. Disclosures: This is not a paid blog post. I personally use Ooma ‘basic’ service in my home and office. There are affiliate links in this article if you choose to give Ooma a chance. VOIP was the big buzz word a few years ago. As companies that provided a business voip …

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5 Reasons Successful Entrepreneurs Love To Hike…

Did you ever notice that many Successful Entrepreneurs love to hike? Recently, I went for a hike and pondered why successful entrepreneurs such as Sir Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, and even Bill Gates love to hike.  Here’s my theory… Slowest person goes in front. – You’re only as good as your weakest link. And, putting them in …

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