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Is FatWallet Legit?

Self starting entrepreneurs are all about saving money and shopping online, while using the best discounts on coupon websites. One of the easiest ways to save money shopping online is FatWallet. I’ve saved over $500 this year alone from using FatWallet on my online shopping purchases.

FatWallet is a two-pronged service that provides:

  1. Coupons for most online retailers.
  2. Cash-back on purchases from most online retailers if you use FatWallet’s link.

The beautiful part is that both of these services can be combined to save even more money. To give you an example here’s a recent purchase that I completed using FatWallet:

  • Best Buy – Apple 13.3″ MacBook Air: i5, 4GB DDR3, 128GB SSD, 13.3″ 1440×900 LED
  • Original (sale) Price: $850
    FatWallet Coupon: – $50
    FatWallet Cash-Back (1.5%): – $12
    AMEX Special Offers: -$55
    Total Price: $733

BestBuy Coupons from FatWallet

Cash back at Best Buy

As you can see, I saved in two places thanks to FatWallet. Saving an additional $62 that I normally wouldn’t have for using a coupon found on their website and their link for cash-back. With barely any additional steps, I was able to save nearly 10% of the total price of the product.

How can they provide this service?

It’s simple – they make what’s called an affiliate referral fee for each shop they send you to. When you’re saving money, they’re actually making money. They explain this in-depth on their frequently asked questions page.

After you sign-up for their service, simply login and shop through their links to earn cash back. This is a remarkably easy way to save a little extra on your online purchases.

Fatwallet Stores

How much do you save?

On average, I would say you’re going to save approximately 2.5% per purchase. Over the course of a year, say you purchase $5,000 of goods/services online at 2.5% savings with FatWallet that adds up to about $125/yr for the average person. Stack that with coupons, credit card points, and additional promotions.

FatWallet isn’t the only “CashBack” service. There’s also eBates which is also worth checking out. Check out how much I’ve saved this year with FatWallet…

FatWallet Review

Is FatWallet Legit?

Yes, FatWallet is totally legit. After about 30 days they release your cash-back bonus which can then be turned into PayPal funds or a check. It takes approximately 30 days because they want to make sure you aren’t returning the goods/services and trying to game them. Overall, I find that FatWallet is very much worthwhile and has saved me hundreds yearly with my online shopping. It’s one of my most valuable tools in my never ending quest to be a savvvy online shopper.