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21 Things Gardeners & Entrepreneurs Have in Common

Gardeners and Entrepreneurs have a lot in common. I first observed this in a tweet back in November…

Now more than ever I feel the two are very similar and for good reason.

  1. They are extremely motivated.
  2. They have experience and are willing to learn.
  3. They are humble and have core values.
  4. They have discipline.
  5. They have a plan and they stick to it.
  6. They don’t mind getting dirty.
  7. They love planting seeds.
  8. They get up early.
  9. They stay until the job is done.
  10. They manage others well and delegate tasks appropriately.
  11. They take advice from other gardeners.
  12. They understand that fertilizing is the key to growth.
  13. They respect the land.
  14. They respect their neighbors.
  15. They respect their fellow gardeners.
  16. They understand the landscape and cater to it.
  17. They are consistent and persistent.
  18. They understand the seasons.
  19. They observe change and adapt accordingly.
  20. They don’t mind losing 1 plant to save the others.
  21. They love to watch everything grow and bloom.

Gardening/Farming is one of the oldest forms of Entrepreneurship. It makes perfect sense why there are so many common traits. We could all learn a lot from gardening and listening to mother earth.

Thanks for reading! It would be great to hear from you in the comments section below — let me know your thoughts on gardening/entrepreneurship.