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Is Ibotta Worth it?

We all have that one friend who paid $12 for a cart full of groceries. They’re affectionately known as “extreme couponers.” Do you ever wonder how extreme couponers do it? Listen up, because this app is one of their well kept secrets…

Ibotta is an app for iOS or Android that lets you save even more money on in-store or online purchases. How much? They suggest their average power user saves over $250/yr:

Is Ibotta Legit

It’s super simple – you scan the app for things that you can get a rebate on by purchasing in store or online. Lots of common items such as milk, bread, lunch meats, and even wine are in the app. You typically save anywhere from $0.25-$2.00 per purchase, and that’s on top of whatever coupons or club card savings you might have already used.

Is Ibotta Worth It

You simply select an item. Add it to your shopping list. And, do a couple small tasks to get the reward…

Ibotta App Review

The tasks are stupidly simple like learning a fact, taking a poll, or a dummy proof quiz.

Ibotta Shopping App Review

When you’re done shopping scan the items barcode using your smartphones camera. Finally, you take a picture of the receipt using your smartphones camera to verify the purchase and within 24hrs they credit your account with the cash back. Which you can redeem via Paypal, Venmo, or various Gift Certificates to top stores.

Ibotta Money Maker

So, is Ibotta worth it? Yes! Anything that can help you save money, make money, and get ahead is totally worth it in my opinion. There’s minimal intrusion with this app and within a few minutes after your shopping trip you can save an extra couple bucks at most major stores you already shop at. There’s plenty of people saving an extra $250+/yr why not you?

Do you use Ibotta? Give it a try and tell me what you think in the comments! Maybe you know another money saving app? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Affiliate Mention: I actively use this app to save money. I thought you might find it interesting too. Within the review above there is referral links which pay a small fee when you first sign-up and save money. Hopefully, if you found this information worthwhile you’ll consider signing up through my referral link. Hope you save bunches!

Ibotta App Review
  • Improve My Life
  • Ease of Use
  • Money Saving Ability


Ibotta App Review Summary
Good Stuff:

    Simple way to save money online and offline
    Wide variety of your favorite stores
    Easy cash out to Venmo/Paypal

Bad Stuff:

    You can only buy certain products with rebates
    Minimum $10 cash out
    Not every store uses Ibotta