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Shopkick Review – Making Money Shopping on your iPhone or Android

Getting paid to shop? That sounds like living the dream. Yet, in this magical age of technology, it’s possible. You literally can get paid to shop. Enter Shopkick app for iOS and Android. An app that pays you in gift cards for going to your favorite store, scanning barcodes, and various bonus missions.

How does Shopkick work?

After you install the app, it will give you a brief tutorial. This should explain everything you need to know. It’s pretty simple. You walk into their supported stores (most major retailers such as Target, J.C. Penny, Best Buy, etc.) and it pops up prompting you to check in. Upon check in you receive “Kicks” which are the points you earn to redeem towards rewards such as gift certificates and gifts like custom gaming mouse pads .As you walk around shopping you can scan various item’s barcode to earn even more kicks.

How Shopkick Works

How much can you make from Shopkick?

Now, you’re not going to get rich off of shopping.  How much can you make? There’s no “exact” figure. In my experience based on typical shopping habits at top retailers, you can expect about $20 in gift certificates every month. Their power users are making about $80/month so in theory you could net around $960/yr if you really stayed on top of this.

Shopkick for Target

Once you collect a certain amount of kicks you can redeem them for rewards from top retailers. Just for signing up you can qualify for a $2 gift card from Target by redeeming your first 500 kicks.

Shopkick Gift Certificates

You can earn even more kicks by referring friends to the app. You’ll earn a percentage of their kicks for a certain period of time.

Shopkick Dashboard

Would I recommend Shopkick? Sure. If you’re going shopping anyways – why not make an extra few bucks. There are some privacy concerns because, Shopkick does utilize location services which track where you’re at. This is so they can detect when you walk into places like Target and make sure you’re in store scanning items and not cheating them. Nonetheless, if you’re privacy conscience you’ll probably want to avoid the app. If that doesn’t bother you and you’d like to make some extra cash, give it a try. Every little bit adds up, if you coined an additional $20/month with this app – you’d have over $240 extra every year.

Do you use Ibotta? Give it a try and tell me what you think in the comments! Maybe you know another money saving app? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Affiliate Mention: I’ve been goofing around with Shopkick for about 2 months. I find it’s worthwhile and I’ll occasionally use it to score some bonus gift certificates for typical shopping that I already do. Hopefully you’ll find it worthwhile also. Within the review above there is referral links which pay a small fee when you first sign-up and score kicks. Hopefully, if you found this information worthwhile you’ll consider signing up through my referral link. Hope you score a lot of gift certificates.

Shopkick Review
  • Improve My Life
  • Ease of Use
  • Money Making Ability


Shopkick App Review Summary
Good Stuff:

    Simple way earn gift certificates
    Works at most big box retailers
    Shop as you normally would

Bad Stuff:

    Invasive to your privacy
    You have to do a little work (scanning barcodes)
    Not every store uses Shopkick

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